If your goal is to bring your business to the highest level of efficiency, reliability and process traceability, you came to the right place.

improvements are golden rule of business growth

Information process and service optimizations are at the core of our work – from most simple to highly complex projects, from initialization to maintenance. Our solutions ensure process improvements on all levels of your organisation. Our services provide fast, traceable data flows and transparent reports which are beneficial to management in making key business decisions.

We use three leading tools for information process optimizations: Matrix42ServiceNow and BMC Remedy. Which tool best suits your company depends on your data storage needs and process flows. We are here to advise you in that decision, so you have the best tool to match the unique demands of your business.


Matrix42 solution helps organizations to deliver a great employee experience by simplifying digital work.

Key benefits:

➤  Technology enables organizations to provide access to information and resources anywhere, anytime. 

➤  Employees expect to have latest software tools and to use newest hardware in the workplace.

➤  Automation and AI predict and preempt issues, helping reduce frustration and increase workforce productivity.



ServiceNow is a modern and highly flexible modular cloud-based solution, well suited for a fast-paced establishment and updating, optimizing, and automating an organisations’ information processes.

➤ Designed to save a significant amount of time in work-processes.

➤  Completely mobile-ready.

➤  Cloud-based.

➤  Reports on individual processes and changes in real time and on all mobile devices.

➤  Helpful to both those who are involved in a single process, and management, which needs reports on claims, changes and status of each process.

➤  Highly useful for HR processes.


BMC Remedy is stable and ever improving tool to help you keep data in your own environment, and allowing you broader space for adjustments, especially in regard to ITSM applications.

You can expect excellent results in the following areas:

➤  Cost reduction through processes optimization, analysis executions, problem solving and reporting.

➤ Problem solving through effective resolution of emerging problems.

➤  Time saving through simplifying helpdesk services, and making your call center less overloaded.

➤ Prioritizing by letting employees and managers an insight into the priority-list.

➤ Reporting by presenting you with 90 out-of-the-box reports, custom reports etc. so that you can quickly do an overview of your processes.