We will protect your precious data on all levels of your business and equip you with knowledge for autonomous secure business performance.

protect your valuable data FROM DIGITAL CRIMINALS

Password thefts, digital virus intrusions, malicious code attacks … these are some of the threats which we believe can happen to everyone, but us. Until they happen to us.

Your business is based on valuable digital data, which keeps you ahead of competition, while delivering excellent user experience to your customers. Protection of that part of your sources is crucial, as your business can be attacked anytime, and from many directions. Setting up security shields is a complex process, but it also happens to be at the core of our expertise.

Ascaldera’s experts offer you consulting and formation of security measures on all levels of your business, or on individual segments. We also make sure that you work on highly secure equipment.



➤  Establishment of a cybersecurity system: We lean on the ISO 27001 certificate, and our team helps with both establishment and testing of your data protection policies.


➤  Testing of the security of your business performance and services: We check, how data protection policies are exercised in your company, and offer suggestions for improvement.


➤  Testing your system’s vulnerability, penetration tests and reporting.


Secure networks

Establishing secure data transfer is always the first step.

Data coding

We provide data coding and data transferring on all key areas.


We establish equipment for secure transfers, treatment and preservation of data.

Back up

We set up reliable solutions of secure backup processes.


We plan security policies for customers’ and employees’ access to infrastructure.


We equip you with a comprehensive and long-term GDPR compliance.

Let's optimize your digital business